Who we are

International Events for Inner Evolution.
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We are an international organization dedicated to organizing Inner Evolution events around the world

Since 2013

Offices in America and Europe and the legally incorporated headquarters in Spain

Since 2018

We have brought transformation and healing into in the lives of many participants in Europe, the US and South America


We organize retreats at our epicenter in Mexico and excursions to the Colombian jungle


We adapt the format of retreats to always carry them out in accordance with current regulations

Who are we in Inner Mastery?

Inner Mastery is formed by an interdisciplinary team of more than 200 health professionals who, together with therapists, facilitators, shamans and traditional medicine practitioners from the Amazon rainforest, decided to bring the benefits of natural ancestral tools to the whole world, creating a system based on the psychotherapeutic integration of the use of enteogens (substances extracted from plants and animals) that accelerate the evolutionary processes of each retreat participant.

We have found answers and solutions that go beyond therapy

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