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The proposal of INNER EVOLUTION®.

The spiritual quest of human beings has existed since time immemorial, and there have always been two fronts: those who ask questions, and those who offer answers. Put another way: on the one hand, the group of the awakened and, on the other hand, the group of those who are asleep, the group of the knowledgeable and the group of the ignorant. In this sense, it could be said that there is a lost and confused majority, and a minority that knows what to answer and how to guide others to a way out. Awakening is the condition associated with those who know how to answer wisely, who, therefore, seek to bring all who ask questions out of slumber.

You, which group are you in?
Which group do you want to be in?
And which group can you be in?
These questions mark the beginning of an exciting journey inside you.

Because the awakened are few, they accumulate much more power than those who are asleep, which is why they can enter the dreams of the sleeping and stimulate the call to awakening.

Until now, this being able to enter into the interiority of others has not been used to transfer power to others, but to rob them of what little they still had left. Indeed, if power is expressed in seeking and being a seeker, converting into followers or disciples permanently nullifies the possibility of fulfillment.

What or who are you following right now?


It is true that those who know, who have become enlightened or whose consciousness is awakened have something to share with others, however, beyond the experience, wisdom and understanding they possess and have passed on, the approach they propose is for all more or less the same: FOLLOW SOMEONE OR SOMETHING.

The strategy of the sleeping mind is to approach a source of wisdom–whether a master, a guru or an eloquent philosopher–and, by virtue of a condition of falling in love, begin to follow him, or to follow his philosophy, his proposal, his ideology… In short, one obeys a call toward something or someone who can provide answers or solutions, which, however, ultimately results in surrendering oneself, as a follower or disciple. The fact is that, this mechanism, so far, has not been very helpful from the point of view of the development and realization of spiritual seekers.

A solution that is inspired by you. The method is but a means to an end.

The Inner Evolution method breaks with the current historical paradigm, the tendency of which, until now, has been to place attention, admiration and love outside of you. What we want to propose, instead, is a solution that is inspired by you, for you, from within you and thus from within each of us. Thanks to the understanding that confrontation with real life offers us, we now know that everything that is directed inward and inward has the possibility of converting into personal, individual power, which can then, in turn, go out and direct itself outward, in a format designed and redesigned for consciousness, to be shared with others and with everything around us, through love, understanding, freedom, trust…

From potential to



This process has such transformative power that inner potentiality is converted into outer blossoming, which is why we called it Inner Evolution.

Whatever ails you has a solution; you can turn your suffering into life, your conditioning into your greatest treasure, your limitation into pure potential.

What we use in our retreats, carried out through our organization INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL, is a conscious transformational-spiritual-philosophical method that also involves sharing the most diverse Ancestral Tools in order to trigger a process of inner mastery that leads our participants to an inevitable development and self-realization: this is the basis for being able to transform life.

That is why we are launching this proposal worldwide, having found confirmation in thousands of people that what works is individual power, when used for deep self-inquiry, and not for rendering worship, loyalty or devotion to anything or anyone outside of us.

Therefore, we can say out loud:
It is a call whose purpose is to return to the source of power within you.

Ancestral Tools

What are the ancestral tools we propose to use in our retreats?

Why do we call them "tools"?

We had to search for a neutral term that would not be detected and prohibited by the platforms on which we present our work and through which we contact thousands of people who are looking for an original and transgressive solution to the problems they want to solve in their lives

What are we referring to by "ancestral tools"?

They are master and powerful plants and animals, sacred to ancient indigenous traditions, whose benefits have been studied and proven for centuries, and scientifically in recent decades. At this very moment, humanity has set its sights on these tools because conventional science fails to address the physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual health concerns that humans want to understand from a place of depth and practicality.

The experience of connecting with yourself and the universe: is given through an Amazonian concoction that combines two plants, one of which complements substances that your pineal gland already produces, strengthening your innate ability to expand your consciousness and thus understand the mysteries of life and existence.

In recent years its conscious use has spread throughout Europe, consolidating through thousands of testimonies and numerous scientific studies indicating its use as a complement in processes of all kinds.

It is one of the master plants par excellence, known throughout the world for its neurogenerative and neuroplasticity abilities, for its ability to reactivate areas of the brain that have been inactive for some time and to tune the cerebral hemispheres. It also deals in a direct form with the emotional core of the brain, allowing old locked-up emotions to be released, reinterpreting the traumatic imprint that may accompany the memory of certain traumatic events that have occurred in a person’s life.

Ancestral Tools

Ancestral Tools

They are master plants and animals of power, sacred to ancient indigenous traditions, whose benefits have...

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Open your heart

Open your heart

It is not an enteogen and does not have a directive and imposing energy.It is a plant that walks beside us...

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