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Frequently Asked Questions

The term “journey” suggests that you are going somewhere outside of yourself, when in reality, what is being propitiated is a deep inner connection with a place of yours that already exists and from which you live disconnected.
This process is guided by your own wisdom, and from that place, it is not possible for you to be worse or better, only more aware of how you are. Knowing that, until you become aware of the truth, everything will remain the same.

We should not speak of “hallucinations” (images that take the place of reality) but of “visions” (a broader and more complete vision of that reality). Both possible effects can occur, or not; and they do not happen always, nor to everyone, nor do they respond to the same motive.
The visions are one of the many ways in which information can be received during the session, and it depends very much on each person.
More nuclear than the vision, it is the insight or comprehension that can come, with or without vision, that gives us a guideline as to what we can bring to our daily lives.
Vomiting can respond to a physical or emotional cleansing (purging), or also to the liberation of thoughts, emotions, feelings, patterns, beliefs, etc… that we have been carrying for a long time, and that we no longer have to carry.

Yes, our team is available 24 hours before, during, and after the retreat.
In addition, during all the ancestral resource sessions, there will be at least one or two people from our team permanently. We have two facilitators for every 8-10 participants.

We do not propose any preparation with diets or abstinences before the retreat because we consider that the participants should do their work of inner evolution from that “real” state in which they live and not from a “prepared” or “modified” state.

You can come for just one night, although we recommend that you come for at least two nights in order to really live a process and not just an experience. In case you want to start with one night, we recommend that you keep open the possibility of extending it to two or more nights, in case you want to complete a process that has been opened, or deepen in the one you are living.

All the people who work in these retreats are inspired by the shamanic culture, we learn from it, and at the same time, we merge it with the western reality in which we operate, where the conditioning, diseases, situations are profoundly different.

We not only handle the natural tools with professionalism, but we have a lot of experience about what happens in the human being because we ourselves are on the same path of evolution.

We appreciate professionalism, we respect research and study, we value experience, we consider scientific rigor important, among us, there are psychologists, therapists, doctors, but beyond all this, we rely on trust, love, and freedom of our own Being that offers itself wholeheartedly to the being of our participants.

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The experiences with entheogens are clearly individual and personal. They are intimate encounters with oneself.

Parallel to this, this same experience is lived within a human and energetic field where people like you are opening up to new life opportunities. This coincidence between the individual and the collective creates a miraculous synergy made of recognition, inspiration, and affection between people of the same path, without ever losing the invaluable uniqueness of the encounter of each one with his or her own being.

It means that our method is based on the individuality and uniqueness of each participant; we use different tools, methods, and techniques without any of them occupying the central place. This also means that there is no attachment or strict following of any religion, tradition, method, or technique and that all of them can be combined indistinctly.

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